Connect, Collaborate, and Create Opportunities

with the Next Generation of Leaders


The Millennial Summit is the region’s premier experience where young professionals, impact players, rising stars and innovators come together to connect and grow. 

  • Expand your circle of influence

  • Create the career of your dreams

  • Make an impact in your community 

    August 4 & 5, 2020

    Chase Center on the Riverfront

#MILLSUMMIT inspires attendees to speak up and get involved with their community, grow professionally, and connect with visionaries and innovators who are moving the needle.


Registration is open! 

August 4 & 5, 2019

Chase Center on the Riverfront
Wilmington, Delaware



#MILLSUMMIT is the region’s one of a kind event that gathers hundreds of professionals of all ages and backgrounds to Wilmington, Delaware, connecting professionals, difference makers, rising stars, and other leaders who want to make an impact in their community.

#MILLSUMMIT aims to inspire everyone who attends to speak up and get involved, grow professionally, meet visionaries and innovators trying to move the needle, and to take a seat at the table and start making a difference.

#MILLSUMMIT offers opportunities to learn about leadership, professional development, nonprofit and community service, government and public service, the arts, personal development and wellness, entrepreneurship, finance, and more.



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