The Millennial Summit in Wilmington, Delaware is the region's one-of-a-kind event that gathers hundreds of professionals who are ready to move forward in their life and career. Last year, over 600 people of all different backgrounds and ages attended the 2nd Annual #MILLSUMMIT. This year, we have set a goal to have more than 1,000 attendees from 25 to 30 different states attend our third annual conference.


Highlights from the 2018 #MILLSUMMIT

480,000 social media impressions

#1 trending hashtag on Twitter

600+ attendees

25+ exhibitors

120+ speakers

14 states represented by speakers and attendees

70+ organizations represented on the planning committee

200+ organizations sending employees to attend


Your organization can be a part of the #MILLSUMMIT by sponsoring attendees, advertising and/or exhibiting. Download and review our sponsorship options here. We work with many organizations to customize their sponsorships and tailor it to their organization's values and budget.


Show how much your organization values Millennials and professional development by partnering with the #MILLSUMMIT.


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