#MILLSUMMIT Panel & Discussion Topics

All the panels for the #MILLSUMMIT are designed to be interactive. We encourage you to ask questions and speak up. Join in the conversation.

Over the two days, you will get a chance to hear from speakers and panelists in the following areas:

Leadership & Professional Development

  • Balancing Your Personal and Professional Life on Social Media

  • The Do's and Don'ts for Using Social Media in your Career

  • Bridging the Divide - Cross Generational Mentoring

Nonprofit & Community Service

  • How Millennials Can Impact Community Capacity Building

  • Make a Difference Now! A Problem-Solving Session

  • Recruiting and Retaining Talent & and Making a Living in a Nonprofit Career

Government & Advocacy

  • The US Census - Why We Count

  • The Power and the Politics of the US Census

  • Hear from your state and local elected officials


  • Kickstart Your Personal Finance

  • Grow Your Money for a Better Future

  • Protect Your Money for a Better Future


  • Entrepreneurship 101: I Have an Idea - Now What?

  • BioTech Disruptors: Innovating Health with a Dose of Science

  • The Gig Economy: Realistically Turning Your Side Hustle Into Your Career


  • The Arts Mean Business: Taking Risks and Succeeding as an Artist Entrepreneur

  • Millennials and Making the Arts Relevant in the Experience Economy

Health & Wellness

  • Ensuring Your Wishes are Honored if the Unexpected Happens

  • fun dept. Activities: Wellness Walk, Jenga, Human Knot, Trike Race…


  • Delaware Youth Entrepreneurship Challenge (High School Business Strategy Contest)

  • Education Equity and Adequacy: A Fishbowl Discussion

In addition, we expect discussions and other parts of the day to include other interactive events led by our Sponsor of More Fun, the fun dept.