#MILLSUMMIT Panel & Discussion Topics

On August 7, we anticipate a great day of networking, learning about ways to get involved with their community and in public service, learning about opportunities to grow personally and professionally outside of work, and learning about how to take advantage of the growing social evening and weekend scene here in Wilmington and throughout Delaware.

All panels for #MILLSUMMIT are expected to be highly interactive and strongly encourage attendees to participate, ask questions, and be a part of the conversation.

Throughout the day, you will get a chance to hear from speakers and panelists on one or more of the following topics (many of these topics will overlap across multiple speakers and sessions). Below are general topics that we expect to be covered at various points throughout the day.

The specific schedule and agenda for August 1 is available for your review here: 2017 #MILLSUMMIT Schedule.

Leadership & Professional Growth/Development

  • Privacy & Security in the Digital Age
  • Business as a Force for Good: Green Technology & Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)
  • Diversity as an Asset
  • Managing Your Online Persona
  • Changing the Game: The Next Generation of Leaders
  • Recruitment and Retention of a Millennial Workforce
  • Connecting the Millennial Mindset with Your Organization’s Mission
  • AMA (e.g., Professional Speaking, Getting to Yes, Buying a House, Managing Student Debt, Mentoring, Advancing into Management)
  • Building Credibility and Influencing Corporate Culture as a Young Professional

Nonprofit & Community Service

  • Creativity, Innovation, and the Roles of the Arts
  • Paying it Forward: Ways to Use Some of Your Free Time to Give Back
  • Who Me? How to Make a Meaningful Impact in the First Few Years of Your Career
  • Building and Expanding Leadership as a Strategy for Community-wide Impact
  • Passion into Progress
  • Empowering Volunteers
  • From Idea to Impact: Making the Most of Volunteer Opportunities

Government & Public Service & Advocacy

  • Challenging the Status Quo
  • Finding Your Civic Voice
  • How Advocacy and Grassroots Efforts Can Make an Impact
  • Developing the Next Generation of Government Leaders
  • Reimagining Delaware and Beyond
  • Being the Youngest (or a Younger) Politician
  • The Art of Government Negotiation

In addition, we expect discussions and other parts of the day to include other interactive events, such as our #MILLSUMMIT Ping Pong tournament.